What is child sponsorship?

Sponsorship in a few words

Become the godparent of a child with REDAM(Rêvons Ensemble D’un Avenir Meilleur), it's:

  • Participate in the concrete and sustainable improvement of its living conditions in the essential areas of health, education and food.
  • Create a unique bond with a child on the other side of the world through the exchange of letters, photos, drawings, etc.
  • Have the opportunity to meet him or her and see the impact of your sponsorship on your godchild's life.
  • Acting for the development of an entire community in order to accompany it towards sustainable autonomy for future generations.
  • Rejoindre notre communauté de 10 donateurs solidaires.
  • S’engager aux côtés d’une ONG internationale qui agit depuis près de 02 ans auprès des enfants les plus vulnérables.

Sponsoring a child and changing his or her life